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About Us
Inventors of Tweener™ Bars for Balanced Body’s CoreAlign®

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Meet Ingenious Moves Founders:
Lindsey Hanahan
and Tom Geissler
How Ingenious Moves came to be…


Lindsey (owner of Move Studios) has a background in theater and dance and has always been a creative problem solver.  As a movement analyst, somatic movement therapist, and Pilates, CoreAlign and Redcord instructor for almost 20 years, she spends her time evaluating and helping to resolve problems in the body using every tool available to her – which often leads her to create original “inventions” for folks to use at home and in the studio to improve their movement experiences.  Sometimes she would get really big ideas that would require skills and materials beyond her studio supplies …but with no real engineering skills, she could never bring them to fruition. 

Tom got an electrical engineering degree, but what he really liked to do was build things including efficient systems.  He worked for an elite residential construction company, and then had his own high-end residential construction company.  Eventually, he found his way back into technology through operations management at Lucent Technologies and Avaya, where he discovered he had a valuable skill: He could understand and speak the engineering and technology side of things, and in turn interpret that for the customers and execs on the other side of the products, and vice versa. Through the twisted path that life often brings us, he eventually found his way back into construction.  And then he married a woman with all kinds of ideas – you know, on the other side of the product – who didn’t understand how to do the engineering part.  It was a perfect match.

Working together, Lindsey and Tom are creating ingenious solutions for whatever problems they come across, and hope to make the world a better place for all kinds of movement.

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